Examples of site mirrors with WinHTTrack, hints and tips as well as tools to fix problems are described here.
These few pages may help someone wishing to download a website to use it offline with students and control what they can read and reach.
Thus you will find a few links to sites you can use (even if you have no Internet connection) with students learning French.
In the pages about the CSS2, PHP and javascript used by the site, you may find why you cannot mirror a website.
As offline browsers are robots, the site is also about webbots and their activity.
Those who do not want their site to be mirrored will find here a little help.

The site uses CSS and some javascript you can select.
Your browser should be able to display all the pages according to your screen settings and your preferences.
If the display is disorderly, try the other version of the site.
As free.fr sometimes filters HTTrack, if you prefer offline browsing, you can download the static part of the site (extension of compressed files : self-extractible exe~597k or bz2~631k - December 2005 / use the site map).

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