Useful programs for mirrors


Useful freewares, carewares, cardwares or donationwares.

link WinHTTrack: website copier (robot - webbot), offline browsing utility. Can also check links and find problems in a whole local site (results in WinHTTrack, PHP or Apache log files).
link Arachnophilia: HTML editor. Can Find/Replace text blocks in all open documents.
There are 2 versions, the classical 4.0 and one written in java which needs the java (JRE 6.0).
link Unit converter: simple unit converter.
link Inforapid: fast and powerful search and replace utility (regular expressions).
link IrfanView: image viewer, almost any type even Flash files with plugins. Also allows most changes.
Version 3.92 installs an eBay "toolbar"! Untick installation option if you don't want it.
link The GIMP: image creation, edition, optimization...
lien swf2html / Flash_search_sdk: extracts links and text from SWF files (shockwave format). Also available for Linux. Registering is now necessary.
lien SWFRIP: extracts ressources and links from SWF files (shockwave format). Allows uncompression of SWF files.
link XVI32: hexa-decimal editor.
link DLExpert: Download utility.
link FlashGet: Download utility.

Below, a small utility compressed with UPX and written in Delphi as I couldn't find any freeware doing the same.

zip 174k
Ote crochets
Deletes figures between brackets added in file names copied from Internet Explorer cache (March 2003).

Other useful programs

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